Alice in Borderland, synopsis of Netflix Dramas 2020

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Alice in Borderland became a series that really can be enjoyed with ease. An interesting storyline, stunning visuals, and a strong deepening of characters allowed me to complete Alice in Borderland in no time.

Broadly speaking, Alice in Borderland tells of the condition of Tokyo, a city that is often depicted as being full of busy people, suddenly turning into a dead city in an instant.

The roads and subways, which were usually congested, were suddenly empty. Power outage. The signal disappeared. Everything happened without a cause. Arisu, Chota, and Karube were permanent residents in Tokyo at that time.

They have to part with the old life. The three friends along with people who turn out to be still in Tokyo must follow and win a life threatening game.

Ironically, it was the only way to extend their lives in Tokyo, now known as Borderland.

Read a full synopsis of Alice in Borderland here. Meanwhile, an explanation of the game in Alice in Borderland can be read here.

The Alice in Borderland series is the adaptation of the graphic novel thriller genre by Haro Aso which was originally published in Weekly Shonen Sunday S / Weekly Shonen Sunday. Alice in Borderland has also been adapted into an animated video (OVA) in 2014.

I've never read a graphic novel, let alone seen the Alice in Borderland OVA before. However, that did not hinder the enjoyment of watching the series.

The cinematography and visuals are truly beautiful on the eyes. So, watching Alice in Borderland episodes often aroused my desire to go to Japan. The production team didn't seem to worry about production costs when making this series.

What's more, the death games that are presented always succeed in making the heart work faster, and make the brain also think about solving the problems and puzzles that are given in each episode.

These things made me unaware that I had finished watching eight episodes of Alice in Borderland. Instead of feeling satisfied, curiosity and questions arose after completing the first season of the series.

My curiosity and many questions prompted me to start reading graphic novels and watching Alice in Borderland OVAs.

After knowing all versions, I really appreciated the audition and make-up team because all the characters in the series are exactly the same as the characters that Haro Aso drew. You can read about Alice in Borderland's character introduction here.

The hair, faces, expressions of the players really looked alike. Most of the characters still look natural like humans in real life. But there are some characters that actually look like comic characters and are not real.

On the other hand, there are some differences such as the events at the beginning that made Tokyo change in an instant, as well as the games in the Alice in Borderland series and graphic novels.

However, this is understandable because it makes more sense and is still possible in the real world, as well as to delve deeper into Arisu's character as the main character of this story.

Author and creator Haro Aso deserves appreciation for creating Alice in Borderland, which is actually a dark version of the classic Alice in Wonderland story. Starting from creating amazing and brain teasing games, to naming the characters.

The names of the characters in this series are actually not far from the characters in Alice in Borderland, such as Arisu (Alice), Usagi (Rabbit in Japanese), and Hatter.

Ultimately, Alice in Borderland is a series that viewers can really enjoy even though they have never read a graphic novel version before.

This series also invites the audience to enjoy and live life as much as possible even though they often face problems every day. The world or the new that is expected to emerge will not necessarily be better than the one that is now.

I'm also looking forward to seeing the continuation of the story of Arisu and the others in Alice in Borderland 2. The eight episodes of Alice in Borderland will air December 10 and can be watched on Netflix.