5 Ways to Get Money with Twitter

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Do you have a Twitter account? If so, now is the time to use your Twitter account to generate dollar coins. Twitter is a social network that has been used by more than 500 million people worldwide since its introduction in 2006.

Hundreds of millions of tweets in cyberspace every day, including from personalities, celebrities, business people and other famous people. This has turned out to be used by various parties as a promising online business field. Here are five sources of trusted affiliates using Twitter to make money:

1. Sponsored Tweets

Sponsored Tweets is known as a service provider for companies to promote their business products using Twitter. By joining as a member of the SopnsoredTweets, it means that you have to join in tweeting your followers to promote their business products.

You can choose the ad that you like to share with your colleagues. To join Sponsored Tweets, you must have a Twitter account that is 2 months old, has at least 50 followers, and has been actively tweeting at least 100 tweets. The website address is sponsoredtweets.com.

2. MyLikes

MyLikes has been recognized as an advertising platform that is widely used on Tumblr, blogs, Youtube, and also Twitter. MyLikes provides thousands of advertisements, and you can choose ads that match your personality to retweets to your followers. 

The price for one click for a link that is tweeted to followers varies, and when it reaches 1 dollar it will be immediately transferred to your Paypal account. The website address is mylikes.com.

3. Paidpertweet

Another one of the many advertising services that take advantage of the social networking media Twitter is Paidpertweet. According to the scamadviser.com site, Paidpertweet's advertising service is not a scam and its performance can be guaranteed because its office location is in Toronto - Canada.

If you succeed in getting your follower to make a purchase (deal) in the ad, you will get a commission of $ 5. Meanwhile, for every person who clicks on the ad, you will be paid around $ 0.027 for the European and American markets. Interested in joining? Please visit paidpertweet.com.

4. Ad.ly

Ad.ly is known as an advertising service that is widely used by online businesses. By becoming a member of Ad.ly, you can generate dollars for the ad posts that you publish. However, you cannot select the ads you want to tweets, but advertisers will choose the twitter account they like. Money will be sent to your Paypal account when it reaches $ 50. To join please visit adly.com.

5. Rev. Twt

Rev Twt is an advertising service that is really only based on Twitter. This twitter ad broker uses the PPC platform or gets paid when someone clicks on an ad. Therefore, the Term of Services cannot tolerate cheating by publishers, such as click fraud or accidental clicks.

To join RevTwt, you must have a lot of followers, because the more followers you have, the better your reputation will be, thus gaining access to campaigning for high paying advertisements. The results of your hard work will be paid via Paypal if the balance has reached $ 20. The website address is at www.revtwt.com.