Meeting You, Cast and Synopsis of Chinese Drama 2020

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Meeting You is a Chinese Drama produced by Mango TV. The drama has 28 episodes and will start airing on October 13, 2020.

This Mandarin drama was directed by Zhan Cheng Lin. He once worked on the drama God of War, Zhao Yun.

This drama stars Fiction Guo and Wan Peng. Fiction Guo has starred in the drama Su Yu and Accidentally in Love. Meanwhile, Wan Peng is known for his acting in the dramas My Girlfriend is an Alien and First Romance.


Title: Meeting You / 谢谢 让 我 遇见 你 / Xie xie rang wo yu jian ni

Genre: Drama, Comedy, Romance

Country: China

Director: Zhan Cheng Lin

Screenwriter: Zhan Cheng Lin

Production: Mango TV, Ningbo Juying Plus One Culture Media

Network: Mango TV

Episodes: 28

Runtime: 13 Oct 2020 - 12 Nov2020

Showtimes: Tuesday - Thursday

Synopsis of Chinese Drama "Meeting You"

Tells the romantic story of a young man named Nan Xin (Fiction Guo). He is a handsome man with a lot of talent. But the flip side is that She is suffering from social anxiety disorder.

Xia Rui (Wan Peng) is a young girl, beautiful, passionate, brave, and talkative but has a fragile heart. He was destined to meet Nan Xin. The two of them met when they were both in high school.

Their encounter was accidental when Xia Rui ran to school and bumped into Nan Xin. It turned out that Nan Xin was a new transfer student and in the same class as him.

Those who initially didn't know each other eventually became friends, understood each other and continued to enter university until now the destiny of love brings them together continuously.

What is the next romance between Nan Xin and Xia Rui? Did their Destiny of Love keep the two of them together?


Fiction Guo (Guo Jun Chen) as Nan Xin

Wan Peng as Xia Rui

Lu Yong Zhuo as Liu Bin

Zhao Zhen Yu as Cheng Er Luo

Jin Shi Kang as Hu Yue

Hu Jia Hao as Zhao Yishu

Li Ao as Zhao Yi Shu

Qin Da Hao as Wu Hanming

Yue Liang

Zhang Liang Liang

Gong Wu Yue