Twisted Fate of Love, Cast and Synopsis of Chinese Drama

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Twisted Fate of Love is a Chinese drama that airs on Tencent Video starting November 23, 2020. This drama is directed by Wai Hong Chui and played by Sun Yi, Jin Han, and Tan Jian Ci in the main cast.

Consisting of 43 episodes of Twisted Fate of Love, this drama is based on the story of Shi Jui's novel entitled "Yu Zhao Ci".

Sun Yi plays Dong Yue. He is a Chinese actress who made her acting debut in the television drama "Ban Shu Legend" in 2015. She became famous when she starred in popular Chinese dramas such as "Fifteen Years Of Waiting for Migratory birds" in 2016 and "Because Of Meeting You ”in 2017.

Sun Yi will compete acting with two handsome boys, Jin Han plays Feng Xi, and Tan Jian Ci plays Pang Yu. Jin Han is an actor, singer and model from China. Meanwhile, Tan Jian Ci is an actor and singer from China who became known for his roles in the dramas Secrets of Three Kingdoms (2018) and Never Gone (2018).


Title: Twisted Fate of Love / Jin Xi He Xi

Directed: Wai Hong Chui, Wai Honto

Network: Tencent Video

Runtime: 23 November 2020

Episodes: 43

Genres: Historical, Romance, Drama

Country: China

Synopsis of Chinese Drama Twisted Fate of Love

Having been friends for a long time, Third Prince Pang Yu and Minister Feng Xi had spent their time caring for each other as brothers. A friendship that can last a long time.

Until their friendship began to be tested, after meeting Dong Yue, a beautiful and sweet woman. He was sent to stop a war that could have claimed the lives of many innocent people.

While he was carrying out this task, he met Feng Xi and Pang Yu. Dong Yue's presence made a difference in the two friends' lives. It was unexpected that they both liked Dong Yue.

It seemed that Dong Yue preferred Feng Xi, but the main purpose he had come to was to stop the evil acts with Lu Yuan Tang as the mastermind. The task was not easy, which he could complete on his own.

Dong Yue desperately needs Pang Yu and Feng Xi's help and hopes to fix the mess caused by Lu Yuan Tang. Besides that, could she maintain the friendship of two men who both loved her?


Sun Yi as Dong Yue

Jin Han as Feng Xi

Tan Jian Ci as Pang Yu