Sparkle Love, Cast and Synopsis of Chinese Dramas (2020)

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Sparkle Love is the latest Chinese web drama broadcast starting September 16, 2020. This drama has 24 episodes and can be watched through the Mango TV platform and the MGTV Drama Channel.

Raising the Comedy, Romance and School genres, this drama stars a series of newcomer artists such as Zhang Ling He, Ling Mei Shi, Dai Yun Fan, Suo Lang Mei Qi, and others.

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Title: Sparkle Love / Xin Dong De Shun Jian

Director: Huang Yuan Da

Writer: Zhao Yue, Wu Yue, Ji Rou Rou

Networks: Mango TV

Showtimes: Wednesday & Thursday

Genre: Romance, Comedy, School

Episodes: 24

Country: China

Synopsis of Sparkle Love Dramas

This drama tells the story of Mei Wei Wei, a strange girl, and Mai Si Chong, the god of swimming without any love experiences. They each overcame the fear of love and pursued their dreams bravely.

Mei Wei Wei (Ling Mei Shi) is a girl who was born with electricity in her body. It can make anyone who touches it fall in love at first sight.

But that advantage actually got him into many problems in his daily life. Sometimes the electric currents in his body can have an effect on the objects he touches.

After college, he tried his best to hide the secret of electrification and hoped to become more transparent in the crowd. Unexpectedly, shortly after enrolling in the school, the electricity shocked the campus male god Mai Si Chong (Zhang Ling He) by mistake.

Mai Si Chong, who had a flamboyant appearance and pure heart, fell in love with Mei Wei Wei at first sight. He pursued her intensely, much of the effort and hard work he put into winning Mei Wei's love.


Zhang Ling He as Mai Si Chong

Ling Mei Shi as Mei Wei Wei

Dai Yun Fan as Peng Pai

Suo Lang Mei Qi as Li Dai Xi

Fan Jin Wei as Li Bai Kuang

Ji Mei Han as Jun Jun

Li Xin Zhe as Xia Rui

Tim Tang as Ding Yi

Li Mo Ying as Zhang Yu Xin