Be With You (2020), Cast and Synopsis Chinese Drama

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Be With You is the latest Chinese drama produced by Tencent Penguin Pictures. This drama airs on WeTV starting November 19, 2020.

This drama is played by Ji Xiao Bing, Zhang Ya Qin, Marcus Li, Kylie Zhou, Xiang Hao, and Yang Yu Tong.

Ji Xiao Bing previously starred in the dramas Fairyland Lovers and The Fox's Summer.

Whereas Zhang Ya Qin previously starred in the Chinese drama Love in Between and Mr. Fox and Miss Rose.

This drama is adapted from the novel entitled "I Really Want To Be With You" by Bei Qing.

Drama Information

Title: Be With You / With You / I Really Want To Be With You

Genres: Drama, Romance, Life, Comedy

Country: China

Director: Lin Qing Zhen

Screenwriter: Zhou Miao

Production: Tencent Penguin Pictures

Networks: Tencent Video, WeTV

Episodes: 24

Release: 19 November 2020 - 17 December 2020

Showtimes: Thursday and Friday

Synopsis Be With You Chinese Dramas

Tells the hot romance love story of Qi Nian (Zhang Ya Qin) and Ji Yanxin (Ji Xiao Bing).

Qi Nian is a beautiful girl who works as a full-time, passionate young cartoonist.

One day, he ran out of ideas and creations. To get materials, Qi Nian decided to approach a handsome and popular professor among women, Ji Yanxin.

This Professor Ji has a cold and arrogant personality. He is actually a famous architect who became a visiting lecturer at a university.

Although initially intending to find inspiration and material for his comic plot material, Qi Nian actually went deeper into Ji Yanxin's life.

Coincidentally, Professor Ji Yanxin's younger brother Ji Siqi (Marcus Li) becomes Qi Nian's assistant.

He's a young and cute man. Sometimes Ji Siqi looks arrogant and rebellious, but towards a young man who has a very gentle heart.

Because of that, Qi Nian, who originally thought of him as a little boy, started to get carried away after Ji Siqi teased him.

Shao Zui (Xu Wei Hao) is a loving mature man. He has an attractive appearance. Shao is Ji Yanxin's business partner.

Apart from the brothers Ji Yanxin and Ji Siqi, Qi Nian must be involved with the handsome adult Shao Zui.

She is very considerate and does everything for Qi Nian. When Ji Yanxin starts to like Qi Nian, Ji Siqi and Shao Zui share feelings and ask Qi Nian to be her boyfriend.

Who among them could get Qi Nian's heart?


Ji Xiao Bing as Ji Yanxin

Zhang Ya Qin as Qi Nian

Marcus Li (Li Ming De) as Ji Siqi

Xu Wei Hao as Shao Zui

Kylie Zhou (Zhou Kai Kai) as Lu Qing Wu

Yang Yu Tong as Ji Qiu

Xiang Hao as Xiao Li

Ma Li as Zhou Xin Xin

Chen Si Tong