How to Get Money from Instagram, Start From Here

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Instagram is a social media that is often used by connoisseurs of the virtual world. Many of the features provided by Instagram are also attractive visuals that make people happy using this social media. However, did you know that there are ways to get money from Instagram?

There are many ways you can do if you want to earn income from social media. However, you also have to pay attention to the opportunities you have to get the maximum benefit. You also have some capital that you need to prepare to make money from Instagram.

You can find all of this information in the article below.

Can You Get Money From Instagram?

Yes, of course you can get money from this social media. As long as a business can be expressed visually and creatively for marketing, you can take advantage of Instagram users. Now you might be thinking: yes, I understand it's possible, but how exactly can I make money on Instagram?

What are the opportunities for getting money from Instagram?
For those wondering why they should make money on Instagram, we've compiled the top Instagram stats for you. The numbers behind Instagram are staggering, and the platform is catching up with Facebook's growth.

While Facebook has 2.07 billion monthly active users, Instagram's growth has hit 1 billion users over 8 years in 2018 since launching in 2010.

With Instagram gaining relentless popularity, it's no surprise that Instagrammer is becoming an unstoppable force. They have figured out how to make money on Instagram, and monetize the pictures they take.

For business purposes, the following numbers are worth considering for people looking to make money with Instagram:

1) 1 billion monthly active users. That's nearly three times the population of the United States.

2) 500 million daily active users. That's nearly double the population of the United States.

3) 80 percent of Instagram users follow at least one business account. This means that 640 million users follow at least one business account.

4) There are 2 million Instagram advertisers every month.

5) Time spent on Instagram increases 80 percent every year.

6) 300 million Instagram accounts use Instagram Stories every day.

7) Instagram users by age:

18 to 29 years old: 59 percent

30 to 49 years old: 33 percent

50 to 64 years old: 18 percent

Berussia 64+: 8 percent

8) Instagram users by gender:

Women: 38 percent

Men: 26 percent

Others: 36 percent

10) Instagram posts with location tags get 79 percent more engagement.

11) Photos with faces got 38 percent more likes.

How to Get Money from Instagram?

At least, there are 5 ways to get money from Instagram that are most often done. In the following descriptions, we will explain each of these methods in more detail.

Become an influencer and make money from endorsements

With your influencer status, you can be asked to endorsement products or stores by a brand. An influencer is someone who has built a reputation by doing and sharing things online. They have a large following and they can convince their audience of trends.

Brands or online shops tend to partner with influencers to do sponsored posts to help spread the word about a brand's product or online shop. Not only making posts, an influencer must really think about how this promotion can get great engagement and really convince the audience to buy a product or service from a brand.

Top influencers can make tens of millions per sponsored post. Imagine, doing one sponsored post per day, you can make hundreds of millions per month easily.

As an influencer, it's very important that you get to know your audience. You need to understand who your audience is, so you know which brand is the best fit for your audience. If you have switched to an Instagram business account, you can find out how old and gender your followers are through Instagram Analytics.

Now, you're probably thinking, how do I find a brand that will pay me an endorsement?

Well, if you are well-known online enough, chances are that the big brands will reach out to you. However, you can also independently find the brand that you think fits your personality and values ​​best. You can reach them directly (via Instagram or via their website) to try to negotiate an endorsement deal. However, you can also register yourself in the influencer marketplace to increase your chances of being found by big brands.

As an added tip, be careful not to lose the trust of your audience when you upload a post endorsement. That's why you can add a #specially to let your audience know. Or, you need to try products and services that will be endorsed head-on. That way, you can find which products or services are worth endorsing and which are not.

Become an affiliate and make money selling other people's products

You can sell other people's products and get discounts. Many brands sell their products through affiliate programs. There are lots of people who make money from Instagram this way.

The difference between an influencer and an affiliate is that the affiliate strives to generate sales for the partner brand in exchange for a commission. On the other hand, influencers have the main goal of increasing awareness.

Affiliates make money on Instagram via trackable links or promo codes. Every click from your audience can convert into a sale. Create a compelling post so you can promote the product without being pushy. In each post, include a description that the product can be purchased via a link in the Instagram bio.

Sell ​​photos of posters and other virtual products

Instagram is very popular because of its visual content. Photogenic products will sell well on Instagram. You can sell posters, paintings, drawings, animations, videos, and other virtual image or video-based products.

In each of your posts, refer readers to visit the link in your bio. This is another popular way to make money from Instagram.

If you think you have high photography skills, you can get paid handsomely for these skills. However, don't limit yourself to just your photography skills. Try other possibilities by using the best photo editing app for mobile to get the most out of the photos you take.

Try to be original when you take photos. You can use Instagram to promote your photography portfolio using relevant Instagram hashtags.

Sell your own physical product

You can sell any physical product that you manufacture yourself or buy from a supplier. You need a place where you can store your products, such as free space in your home or rented storage. For example, if you buy some inventory from a supplier based in China, you need space to store it before it is ordered and shipped to customers.

Starting February 2018, you can sell products directly on Instagram through Instagram posts and stories. By simply tagging a product on an Instagram image, you can direct your Instagram followers to your product page where they can buy products quickly.

Sell dropshipping products

Dropshipping is a business model that you can use to run your store without having to keep any inventory. Once you've made a sale, your supplier will ship your product from their warehouse, straight to your customer's doorstep. You don't have to worry about storing, packaging, or shipping your product.

You can easily create a dropshipping shop with an e-commerce platform like Shopee or Tokopedia. With dropshipping, you can experiment to find products that will sell well, without wasting upfront capital.