How to Get Money From the Latest Facebook Fanpage

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Recently, Facebook's monetization requirements have become a hot topic of conversation among bloggers. because in the last few months the Facebook platform has been surprised by the creators of Facebook, which have a similar function to YouTube Creator.

This, of course, can create opportunities for uploading videos on Facebook to get some money.

Who would have thought that just uploading videos to Facebook could make enough money. But you should know that not all videos uploaded to Facebook can make money.

Because you need to monetize your Facebook account first. How curious? just see the explanation below.

Facebook Fanspage Monetization Requirements

Facebook made a new announcement to its users about the new Facebook monetization policies and provisions so as to drive the business process for video content creation.

The new system is highly dependent on the video features suggested by Facebook. Where Facebook usually shows what video content Facebook users often see.

After watching a video, viewers will usually see an ad. Usually, advertisements appear in a manner similar to what we can see on YouTube.

Unlike most Facebook ads, which have no sound or are just an image, now the ad will appear as a video with sound. Later, this ad will appear while the video is being watched, such as on YouTube.

Sponsor Factors Affecting Video Earnings

There are several factors that can affect the amount of revenue you can earn via Facebook in addition to Facebook's monetization requirements.

One of these factors is sponsorship. Videos displayed on Facebook can usually be of benefit if they have sponsors. The following are some of the actors who can influence the earnings of the videos you upload and watch on Facebook.

The number of ads that appear and the number of ads your video audience watches in one video play.

Number of advertisements received

The amount of time a user spends watching each video they watch.

There is a share of revenue from ad revenue from creators and Facebook. The distribution of the results is that the creators will get a share of 55% of the amount of profits earned and 45% for facebook itself. But if a user watches a video ad at once, then 55% will be shared again between video creators.

Monetization Terms for Facebook or Facebook Creator

There are several requirements that must be met by Facebook creators or to earn money from Facebook.

The requirements are, among other things, a standard of eligibility to be accepted by Facebook monetization. Eligibility standards include all rules that apply to content, pages and groups on Facebook.

The second requirement is that the Facebook page must have more than 10,000 followers or likes. Then the video you upload must be available on the page, not available on your Facebook profile.

The third is a 1 minute show for a 3 minute video. This means that the video you upload must be watched at least 1 minute from the total video that is 3 minutes long.

This is what determines your success rate in meeting Facebook's monetization requirements by pausing your ads in the last 60 days. You must reach at least 30,000 one-minute views for at least 3 minutes of video. And the last condition is availability in the country.

The good news is that this feature is available in all countries, so you can make the best use of this feature to make money.