How To Get Money From Facebook, Start From Here

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Facebook is one of the most popular social media users. In fact, the popularity of Facebook has never decreased until now.

The reason is, in addition to its easy appearance, Facebook also has many interesting features in it. In fact, now you can also get money from Facebook.

Getting money from the internet is indeed the era today. This is a part of how to get money from the internet that you can try. Many social media are not only used to exchange information but also earn income, one of which is Facebook. There are many ways that you can do to increase revenue from Facebook, as follows.


The easiest way to get money from Facebook is of course selling. After all, selling on Facebook is also quite profitable because of the wide market.

Not to mention, the huge number of Facebook users. There are many items that you can offer on Facebook, such as daily necessities.

However, it is possible that the posts on the Facebook page are only visible to your followers. For that try selling elsewhere.

One of them is the Facebook Group.

Become the most popular and easy way to sell. If you want to sell on Facebook, then Facebook Group is the fastest way.

Just join the Facebook Group according to the product category offered. There are two types of Facebook groups that you can use, namely buying and selling forums or groups with specific topics.

For example, if you want to sell outdoor or hiking gear, just join a group that is actively discussing hiking or outdoor activities.

Or maybe you want to sell animal supplies, you can join a community group for animal lovers.

So, if you sell general items and don't have a group, you can go directly to the buying and selling forums in your city.

For example, the Malang Buy and Sell forum allows anyone to advertise their products on the forum page as long as the seller and buyer locations are still in Malang and its surroundings.

Besides selling in groups, creating a fanpage on Facebook can also be a way to sell and offer your products. This is mostly done by business people who have online stores.

Likes Adding Services

Likes are one way to make fanpages look professional. The reason is, the more likes, the higher the level of consumer confidence.

This opportunity can be a way for you to get money from Facebook, especially if you have this special skill.

Of course, how to get money from Facebook requires qualified tools and knowledge. The price for likes can vary widely.

Advertising Services

Facebook is now also the place to advertise. In fact, it is a promising place to advertise, apart from Google. However, there are still many people who can't use ads on Facebook properly. Only those who have experience and have done it can advertise on Facebook Ads.

Not to mention, Facebook ad settings are not easy. It takes research and also a split test to find the best ad. The reason is, if there is a mistake it is not profitable, it will actually be detrimental. Well, for those of you who have the expertise to do this, you can try opening an advertising service on Facebook.

So Admin

Being an admin to manage other people's Facebook can be a way to get money from Facebook. What's more, Facebook users aim to promote their products. You can register yourself to become an admin and manage Facebook. In addition, you can also become an admin to manage fanpages and Facebook groups.

The thing to remember is that the admin's job is to manage all those social media needs, from posting content, providing comments to comments, offering products to promoting Facebook accounts to other users so that the number of likes, followers and friends can increase naturally.

Indeed, at first glance it is quite easy. The reason is, only struggling with smartphones or laptops. But the reality is that good communication and marketing skills are needed for online businesses. If you do have these skills, there is nothing wrong with trying it.

Selling Accounts

Selling on Facebook is not just about products or services. You can even sell a Facebook account to get money from Facebook. Most Facebook account buyers are online business people who really want to make Facebook their business field. Well, for those of you who have a neglected Facebook account and have lots of friends or followers, it doesn't hurt to sell it. The price issue can be discussed with the buyer.

Apart from your Facebook account, you can also sell Facebook page fan accounts. To sell it, Facebook fans must meet the Ad Break monetization requirements. You can even get a high price, when the fanpage has around 10 thousand likes. Not to mention, indeed, the need for a fan page for promotional media and a fan page from Facebook itself can also generate money from existing Ad Breaks.

The ad itself is a video that has been posted and has a minimum duration of 3 minutes. If you don't have a fan page account, you can offer services for buying and selling fan page accounts. You could say promoting a fan page that will be sold. In addition, you can also buy a fan page or account first and then sell it again. The profit problem can be taken from the sales price.

Become a Buzzer and Influencer

So buzzers and influencers are also another way to get income using only Facebook. Maybe some people have a negative opinion of buzzers. In fact, being a buzzer is the best way and a lucrative opportunity to get income from buzzers. The buzzer work itself is to use more than a few social media accounts to become someone's account becoming famous or trending.

So, the buzzer campaign has been well-known in recent years, especially when it came to elections last year. But buzzers are not only about politics, they can also be useful for promoting a service or product to all of your Facebook users.

Apart from being a buzzer, being an influencer can also be done. Between buzzers and influencers themselves are very different. Just as the name influencer means to influence, your job is to have an influence on other Facebook users. That way, other users will take action, such as buying a product or using a service.

To become an influencer can be seen from the number of friends and followers. In addition, an influencer must also have strong branding and be recognized by the public first. Therefore, it is not enough if only the number of friends and followers, but also must be known by many people.

Live Streaming Of Games

Well, for those of you who are gamers, how to get money from Facebook is very easy. The reason is, recently, Facebook has a new feature that is specifically presented for gamers who like to be streamers or live streaming. This feature called video games or gaming can be made for those of you who really like games to join in.

The reason is, now Facebook itself is not only a social media, there are many video games on Facebook that have been opened by 700 million people. This also makes this new feature of Facebook quite easy to use by its users. There are also many streamers who will get paid while playing games.

In fact, it looks like the presence of Facebook Gaming can beat the popularity of Youtube and other platforms. To be able to get a salary when playing games and live streaming depends on the number of viewers. The more viewers, the more salary you will receive from Facebook. This is the same as watching videos on Youtube.

Facebook gaming itself can be found on the homepage and on the left with video gaming writing. The presence of Facebook gaming itself is a forum to help the global gaming community and make it an experience for everyone to enjoy and play games together. So, for those of you who are true gamers, it doesn't hurt to try this new Facebook feature and earn money from it.

How to get money from Facebook is quite easy to do. Not to mention that there are indeed many ways that can be done, such as the example above.