How To Get Money From the Internet For Beginners

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There are many ways to get money from the internet for those who want to earn a side income or want to change jobs. It's just that, you have to be careful. Like work in general, how to increase income from the internet is also tricky. Expand the info about fraud and other illegal activities.

In this article, we will discuss more than 35 easy ways to get money from the internet. Generally there are two categories, namely how to make money from the internet through a blog or website and how to make money from the internet without having to create a website (through social media, special platforms, participating in contests, etc.)


When you hear the names Atta Halilintar and Ria Ricis mentioned, what is on your mind?

Maybe you will think about the famous and rich YouTuber, right?

In fact, their income is estimated to be more than the middle to upper rich entrepreneurs with the ease with which they run their business. They are able to work from anywhere and anytime.

Why can you become a Youtuber rich?

This is because currently Youtube is a well-known platform with users reaching a global scale. Every day there are approximately 5 billion viewers with the number of users currently reaching 1.3 billion. Wow !

In addition, there are approximately 300 hours of total video every minute uploaded on this platform. Some interesting ideas for opening a YouTube platform include the world of gadgets, culinary delights and mobile games.

How to get profit from Youtube is by sponsorship or by using Google Adsense.

However, to get income from the two media above, hard effort is needed, namely by gathering at least 1000 subscribers, with a duration of 4000 hours of video viewing. The terms submitted by Google can change at any time.


Instagram is a media that is popularly used for various purposes today. Among them are entertainment media, communication sharing media and business media.

The way to get profit with Instagram media is by endorsement and sponsorship.

The more followers, the more opportunities for you to benefit from Instagram by receiving endorsements.

Some of the products that are promoted online are quite varied and are liked by many young mothers, including in the culinary, fashion, accessories, and many more fields.

Blogging / Make a Website

The next way is to become a blogger.

Blogger is one of the easy and highly recommended steps to make money from the internet that you can do from home to get a lot of profit.

How to become a true blogger, of course, cannot be separated from traffic and followers and also consistency in creating content. To start this business, it is enough to buy a server and domain at a very affordable price, which is only IDR 100,000.

So, you could say this is a business without capital and is a promising field of passive income. The trick is by advertising, selling the content that we have, by way of affiliation, endorsement and much more.

Affiliate Marketing

One of the effective ways to generate profits from the internet is to run an online affiliate marketing business. The profit is not half-hearted.

The basis is commission when someone else buys by referral or with a link you get.

Affiliate marketing does not only offer products, but you can offer a variety of services with affiliate marketing by selling services.


Today, many young mothers are starting a business with dropshipping.

What is a dropshipping business?

This business is selling products without having to own the product. Thus, automatically the costs you need or the capital you need to prepare are not much.

Here, you act as a dropshipper who sells goods from suppliers to customers. The goods will be sent directly to the customer in your name.

For those of you who are good at this, it will be very helpful for you to get large profits with minimal capital that needs to be spent.

Manage Social Media

Social media is a very profitable platform. Early in its appearance, this media was used for the publication of private matters or for personal identity.

However, over time, many people have started to take advantage of social media for the business world as well as media or a means to make a profit.

On Facebook, on Instagram, you can post products to sell. Or, for business it will be more suitable if you manage a LikendIn site.

Because here you are trying to convince other internet users that your product is quality, and is worthy of choice. Or, because you are a reputable businessman with a convincing business profile, then you deserve positive appreciation from other service users.

This needs to be built to maximize your image as a classy social media manager.

Facebook Ads

This is the time when Facebook no longer functions to post products online. But you will get even more income by cultivating your skills to optimize Facebook ads on your respective social media.

Facebook ads take advantage of the CPM system, which means you have to pay for a thousand viewers. And, the figures paid are different. Many businesses have started to switch from traditional advertising to Facebook ads.

There is a special allocation of funds made by big businesses for advertising. Someone is those who are experts in the field of Facebook Adsense who will promote your product or service intensely anytime and anywhere.