Top 6 Best Korean Dramas To Watch In 2020 So Far

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Korean dramas have been a great source of entertainment especially during the lockdown. We’ve enjoyed watching plenty of the dramas especially on Netflix the last couple of months.

Some of those recommended in the list below are still airing, so you’ll need to wait a few weeks for it to be fully released.

Here are some of the best Korean dramas to watch in 2020 so far.

1. It’s Okay To Not Be Okay

Main cast: Kim Soo-hyun, Seo Ye-ji.

First on the list is also dubbed as one of the best dramas in the year so far. It’s Okay To Not Be Okay is also called ‘Psycho But It’s Okay’ and it’s an unusual romance story.

Soo-hyun plays as Moon Gang-tae who works as a health worker and changes his job frequently from one hospital to the next. His brother Moon Sang-tae suffers from autism and childhood trauma, and they’re together almost all the time.

Seo Ye-ji (female lead) plays as Ko Moon-young, a successful children’s book author who has a pretty extreme attitude, possibly due to her upbringing. This show is great because it brings a lot of awareness towards mental health, and at the same time, they manage to make it really interesting between the characters.

2. Extracurricular

Main cast: Kim Dong-hee, Jung Da-bin, Choi Min-soo, Park Joo-hyun, Nam Yoon-su.

Extracurricular revolves around students in high school, but it displays the much darker side of it, including teen prostitution and gang violence. Dong-hee plays as Oh Ji-soo, a smart student who runs an illegal prostitution business with the help of Min-soo’s character, Whang-chul.

Jung Da-bin plays as Seo Min-hee, a rich student who found Ji-soo’s secret and started blackmailing him for fun. Issues start to arise both in school and outside of school as the two leads get close to one another.

The fun part about the drama is watching how the characters try to solve issues that are clearly above them. The show recently ended and it’s already the fan favorite for this year.

3. Itaewon Class

Main cast: Park Seo-joon, Kim Da-mi, Kwon Nara, Yoo Jae-myung.

Seo-joon plays as ex-convict Park Sae-ro-yi in this drama whose life became terrible after he punched a bully and got expelled in school. His father also died in an accident.

He then followed his father’s footsteps in opening a bar / restaurant called DanBam in the streets of Itaewon. Kim Da-mi plays as his manager Jo Yi-seo and together, they battle against a food conglomerate, i.e. Jangga Group.

Nara plays as Soo-ah, who is the former lover of Sae-ro-yi but she works with Jangga Group, her ex-lover’s competitor. Jae-myung acts as Dae-hee who is the CEO of Jangga Group.

4. Crash Landing On You

Main cast: Hyun-bin, Son Ye-jin.

Crash Landing on You is another popular Korean drama this year and it’s relating to North Korea. The lead Hyun-bin acts as Jeong-hyeok who is a captain in the Korean People’s Army (North Korea).

Ye-jin on the other hand plays as Yoon Se-ri, a rich heiress who is disliked by her family as she is an illegitimate child. She somehow crash landed into North Korea while paragliding. She then falls in love with Jeong-hyeok as the latter helps her to get back to South Korea.

If you love romance dramas involving Hyun-bin, then you can’t go wrong with this one.

5. Flower Of Evil

Main cast: Moon Chae-won, Lee Joon-gi.

Flower of Evil is still being aired at the time of writing, but it has already gained a lot of popularity from the suspense itself. In this drama, Chae-won acts as Cha Ji-won, a detective. She is married to Baek Hee-sung (played by Joon-gi).

Although Hee-sung is a good husband and dad, he seems to have a criminal past and managed to deceive his wife at first. Ji-won who found out about his past starts to chase the truth of what had happened.

It’s a great drama not only because of the actors but how they made it really suspenseful so far.

6. The World Of The Married

Main cast: Kim Hee-ae, Park Hae-joon.

The World of the Married has become the highest rated drama in Korean TV history as they reached a rating of 28% on cable television. This alone gives you reason to check out what made it popular or even one of the best this year.

In short, the drama centers around marriage and affairs. Hee-ae plays as Ji Sun-woo, a family medicine doctor and a director at the Family Love Hospital. Her husband Lee Tae-oh (played by Park Hae-joon) runs a small film company with her support. His dream is to be a famous movie director.

The winning factor of this drama comes from all the twists and turns among the characters, especially when dealing with extramarital affairs among one another.