Watch Korean Drama Tale of the Nine Tailed

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Studio Dragon production house showcases his latest Korean drama Tale of the Nine Tailed. This drama airs from October 7, 2020 on the tvN.

The K-Drama which elevates the Romance and Fantasy genres replaces the series "Flower of Evil". Tale of the Nine Tailed can be seen every Wednesday and Thursday.

Do you still remember the My Girlfriend is Gumiho series? In this tvN drama, the love story between the nine-tailed fox (Gumiho) will be reenacted with the nuances of romantic urban love with a female producer.

This drama stars Lee Dong-Wook, Jo Bo-Ah, Kim Beom, Kim Yong-Ji, and many more. Since December 10, 2019, actor Lee Dong-Wook has been offered the lead role.

Synopsis of the K-Drama Tale of the Nine Tailed:

This drama tells the story of a nine-tailed fox "gumiho" who has settled in the city and a female television producer who chases him.

The gumiho was once the guardian and mountain god of the Baekdu Mountains. Lee Yeon (Lee Dong-Wook) is a legendary nine fox.

He used to travel from the mortal world and the hereafter to kill demons. While living in the city, Lee Yeon was able to transform himself into a perfect, handsome, and intelligent human being.

In addition, he also assimilates into the surrounding community. Until no one suspected that He was a Gumiho figure.

Nam Ji-Ah (Jo Bo-Ah) is a television producer whose work topic has the theme of supernatural investigations. One day, he heard about a news rumor about a nine-tailed fox who was living in the city.

Because of that, Nam Ji-Ah decided to make her a guest on her TV show. Fate sets its own path when Nam Ji-Ah and Lee Yeon meet.

Lee Rang (Kim Beom) is Lee Yeon's half brother. He is the figure of the nine-tailed fox, the most dangerous of all the gumihos that live side by side with humans.

Being half human, Lee Rang hates humans. He chose to use his strength to exploit those who were worldly deceived.

Drama Information:

Title: Tale of the Nine Tailed / Tale of The Nine-Tailed Fox / 구미호 뎐 / Gumihodyeon
Genre: Drama, Romance, Fantasy
Country: South Korea
Director: Kang Shin-Hyo
Author: Han Woo-Ri
Episodes: 16
Networks: tvN, Viu
Release: October 7, 2020
Showtimes: Wednesday & Thursday

Watch On:

You can watch this Korean drama on the tvN and Viu platforms.