How to Register Google AdSense to Be Accepted Quickly

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Currently there are various ways to get money from the internet. One of them is through Google AdSense. Google AdSense is an advertising model so that content owners get money or profit from their sites.

Before getting these benefits, first know the terms and how to register for the latest AdSense so that the submission is quickly accepted.

What is Google AdSense?

Simply put, the Google Adsense advertising concept is a sponsorship model by utilizing digital sophistication. By placing Google AdSense ads on the site, when a visitor clicks on the ad, the site owner will get a commission from Google.

For content owners, it is certainly not that easy to benefit from creating Google AdSense. Competition often occurs. Because every day thousands of people register to create Google AdSense.

Terms and How to Register for Google AdSense

To have a Google AdSense account, the first requirement is to have a Google account, then you can register that account for Google AdSense. What needs to be noted, each person can only have one Google AdSense with a real name that matches the identification (ID) of the country of origin.

Here's a quick and easy way to register an account:

1. Open a browser and start accessing the Google AdSense site and select 'Register Now'

2. Enter the URL of your content site, enter your e-mail address and select 'Yes' for a performance recommendation from AdSense, then click save and continue.

3. Login to the Google account that will be used, and click 'Create account'

4. Activate your Google AdSense account and enter your payment address details as well as postal address and phone number, then click submit.

5. Verify phone number on Google AdSense. Login and click the 'Verify your phone number' menu. Select a verification code that will be sent via text or voice call. Then click 'get verification code'

6. Finally, enter the 6 digit verification code, then click send.

After you meet the manufacturing requirements as mentioned, then just wait for verification from Google for 2-4 weeks to get the rejection results or vice versa.

If Google accepts an AdSense application, then you will automatically be able to quickly reap income from the internet.

Along with the times, human digital mobility has begun to shift to online products, ranging from personal websites or blogs to YouTube. Therefore, creators need to learn the basics of Google AdSense wisely.

Here's what you need to learn when deciding to get into the world of AdSense.

Tips for AdSense Accepted or Approved

There are some basic guidelines you need to know before starting to register a site or digital content with Google AdSense. Of course you want the first submission to immediately get the blessing of Google, right?

1. New Site and Original Content

Sites must be at least six months old. In addition, the layout and content of the site are very important assessments. Make original content that contains something unique. Of course, if the content differs from market content, Google will consider your AdSense application.

2. Don't Create Sensitive and SARA Content

Avoid creating content containing violence, pornography, or illegal tips. Make positive content that is useful, not negatively charged, and does not offend ethnicity, race, religion and intergroup (SARA).

3. Use Top Level Domain

Google will speed up the Adsense submission process when you have a commercial personal domain name depending on the type, for example .com, .co, .net, .org, and so on. Prepare as best you can because sites with free domains such as and, tend to take longer to be approved.

4. Avoid Using Pop-ups

Pop-ups or screens automatically appear on your site to have an assessment from Google. It also causes visitors to refuse to access sites like that for a long time. Make your site look simple, aesthetic, and user-friendly.

5. Create Privacy Policy and Contact Pages

Google will pay special attention if the site has a menu about 'About Us' or about us and 'Contact'. This does not seem important, but actually a site that has these features can make it seem more professional and complete.

6. Learn and Apply SEO Techniques

This Search Engine Optimization (SEO) technique must be able to be studied and applied in writing each site's content properly. SEO is obtained from the use of keywords, so that it makes the site in the featured search on Google pages.