How To Get Money From Playstore, Start From Here

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In this article we will discuss what are the ways to get money from Playstore. This is one way to get money from the internet that we can do.

Currently, almost all people use smart phones as their main communication tool. Smartphones based on Android have the Play Store as a store or place for official applications, all of which you can download and enjoy.

You can choose what kind of app you want, whether it's entertaining or educational.

At first, the Playstore was named Android Market.

Along with its development, Playstore provides books, films, music, and television as its programs.

There are paid and free applications, so you are free to choose to download the application or program you want according to your tastes and needs.

Due to the rapid development of the times, the use of the internet must also be maximized.

Nowadays, you can make money from the internet. For you Android users, there are ways to get money from the Playstore.

Of course, this is not an impossible thing. You can actually make money from the Playstore app. Since the playstore is always like a free market, there are lots of apps that can make real money.

Of course, you don't need to do this work outside the house, you can do it sitting at home quietly.

The advantage will be felt for those of you who have special abilities such as photography, video editing, graphic design, and content creators. Because this is something that has attracted a lot of interest from the wider community.

Become an Application Developer

The first way to get money from the Playstore is to become an application developer.

There are many types of applications that can be made on Playstore. For those of you who have this ability, now is the time for you to take advantage of it. Make an application that is free so that many users download it. You do not need to spend at all and can do this in full at home.

If you ask how money will appear if the application is free, the answer is to use adsense.

Adsense which was created specifically for mobile allows you to earn money. Before you launch the application, advertise first so that when users download your application, ads will appear and you will get money from the adsense.

When users click on ads or download applications that are on your adsense, you will get coffers of money. This is the reason why many developers make many types of applications, imagine how much money will be received if many users click and even download what is in the ad.

Being an application developer has many advantages. This way of getting money from the Playstore is perfect for those of you who have an interest and passion in the developer field and want to work casually at home.

Many have proven that this method can generate large amounts of money, so now is your turn.

Register on the Freelancer Application

Freelance service provider applications are not only accessible via the web, but can be accessed through the Playstore.

The trick, you download the freelancer application you want, then register according to the methods and conditions that apply.

Like creating an account in general, all you need is a photo, personal data, the payment method used, and what skills you have.

If you have a Linkedin account, you can connect it so that potential service users can easily see your skills, experience and work results. This kind of app is a very frequent tool for someone who doesn't like working by rules and wants to work as a hobby in a comfortable room.

Your experience will also increase, because you will get customers who come from abroad. There are many types of services that you can offer in this freelancer application.

Capabilities such as translation, content creator, IT developer, all types of designs such as presentation template maker services, Microsoft templates, caricatures, data entry & admin, sales & marketing, transportation, engineering, and many other types.

Because the types offered are many, almost all people can join to work freelance. You can develop your skills in your field.

The type of payment that is made when successfully completing a job is using a Credit Card or PayPal. You can customize this to your liking.

Writing Articles

The way to get money from the next playstore is by writing articles for free. The application that can be used is TRIBE Influencer.

The condition is, you write an article at least 300 words then you will get $ 0.5-3.

Types of articles that can be written freely, are not required so that you can write according to your abilities. When the total money you have collected reaches $ 75, you can withdraw the money via PayPal.

For those of you who like to write, this application from Google Playstore will make your hobby can be developed, and you can make money. The application is provided free of charge, you don't need to worry about a paid application.

The language that can be written is also free, according to what you want. If you want articles in Indonesian, you can do that. No need to worry if the language used must be in English because there are so many users of the TRIBE Influencer application and come from various countries, you will find other authors according to your domicile.

However, you can also meet writers who come from other countries. There is a graph that shows your income traffic every time you write. Initially, you are asked to complete a profile or personal data as personal data for the author.